Fabric By Three

Fabric by Three used to stock hand-dyed fabric and lots of other quilting and embellishment lines. Now we have “retired” we have kept only the things we like to play with and you can still buy them here.

Bobby Duncan’s Gallery. Finally we have got round to posting some of Bobby’s arty stuff over the last 20 years.

Procion Dyes – The worlds best fibre-reactive dye that we used for making our fabric. We stock 30 colours including a really good black, which is hard to find.

Chemicals used with the dyes: Soda Ash – makes your water alkaline and Manutex a thickening agent when you want to do arty stuff with thickened dye.

Prepared for dyeing fabric – famous for what has not been done to it. Soak it in Soda Ash and you are ready to go. Available by the metre or 25 metre roll.

Tyvek: Paper and Fabric to paint than heat and shape for astounding texture in your artwork.

Classes – Bobby is re-developing the classes in time for summer.

Services – Bobby still offers Long-arm quilting, Thermofax screen-printing screens and dyed-to-order fabric.

To order, please send us a message via the contact page.

4 thoughts on “Fabric By Three”

  1. Ann O’Callaghan said:

    Hi, I’d like to buy 25m if prepared for dying fabric please.

  2. Susan Spratt said:

    Hi there I am very interested in joining a class next time you run one. I heard from a friend that has attended before that they are very good.kindest regards Susan 😊

    • Hi Susan

      We don’t have any public classes scheduled at the moment. I will advise you when we do. Perhaps you could arrange some friends into a group of 5 so we can put on a class just for you.



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