Getting Your Top Quilted

Once you get above a single bed-sized quilt top it is a really hard work quilting on a domestic machine. Bobby has a computer-driven Nolting long-arm quilting machine with a 24 inch throat that can gobble up your quilt.

The computer has a large library of edge-to-edge patterns that can be swiftly and economically be applied to your quilt. The cost is $35 per square yard.

Bobby has two styles of batting – polyester for anything that might require washing and 80/20 cotton polyester for a slightly higher loft.

She can also supply wide backing in several colours & patterns which will compliment your top.

If you want to supply your own batting or backing, please remember to make them 6 inches longer and wider than the top and ensure the backing is squared.

Still confused? Call Bobby on 04 293-3794 or send a message through the contact page.